Cyber Defence

The term cyber defence has become more colloquial in Australian language of late. It is as it sounds- and is responsible for the confidentiality, security and national security in cyberspace. In Australia, the Australian Cyber Security Centre is tasked with cooperating with individuals, business and the government to manage national cyber threats.
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Cybernetics is the “science of control and communication in the animal and the machine” (Post 2016, p.533). It is a term that was first mentioned in the 1940’s by Nobert Weiner and it originates from the Greek term- Kybernetes- which means to steer or pilot (Post 2016, p.533).
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Week 2- Privacy and Security Online

Access to the internet is unquestionably life changing. For many it can mean access to an education or for others a way to connect and make friends, share life experiences and maintain existing friendships.  It  is estimated that by 2020 there will be approximately 50 billion devices online which demonstrates our reliance on connectivity but are we taking our online security and privacy for granted as connectivity becomes commonplace in our lives?
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Week 1 Reflections

What I took away from this week’s class was that whilst technology is new and exciting, it can also be intrusive on our personal lives. The lecture brought to my attention that new communication technologies such as web based apps are causing individuals to lose important and basic human skills such as interpersonal skills, navigation or simple maths. On a larger scale, web based apps that are designed to make our lives easier are in fact cannibalising small businesses and costing jobs.
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