Week 6- Copyright and Creative Commons

 Week 6- Copyright and the Creative Commons

Copyright laws serve a very important purpose in respecting and recognising the rights of the creator but at times can be restrictive for those who wish to use the work of the creator. Online technology has also made it even more important for the need for clarification and possible updates and increased protections in Copyright Law.

Pearson & Polden (2015) defines copyrights a fine balance between respecting the rights of the creator but also the audience or society that wish to have access to such cultural or artistic material.

The rights are automatic and do not need to be registered or blatantly published in any way. Copyright is only guaranteed for original works that are published. Ideas are not protected.

“The form in which it is expressed is protected. In Australia, the key legislation is the federal   Copyright Act 1968. “

Creators are being assisted in the copyright process with the help of Creative Commons. Creative Commons is an online web source where creators can post their material using creating commons licences to share their work with the people (Creative Commons Australia 2017). This gives the creator autonomy to state what and who they wish to share their work. It also gives users reassurance that they are legally obtained materials whilst honouring the copyright and wishes of the original creator. It is a symbiotic relationship in the online world that has been working positively for the online community with many different international Creative Commons website online.

Creative Commons 2017, ‘Creative Commons Australia’ viewed  11 August 2017

Pearson, M, Polden, M 2015, ‘The journalist’s guide to media law: A handbook for communication in a digital world’, Allen & Unwin , Crows Nest



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