In the news this week…

Thai Cyber activists continue their fight for open web and free speech after a man was sentenced to 35 years in jail for a post on Facebook that was deemed to be offensive toward the King.

The Thai authorities have threatened to shut down Facebook if the post were not removed. At time of publishing the posts in question remain online. This is just one of many issues that concern ‘netizens’ since the introduction of the Computer Crime Act was passed in 2006.

The Computer Crimes Act gives authorities the ability to block sites deemed to be a threat to national security and also encourages citizens to monitor and report what it considers to be bad online behaviour.

Cyber activitist are also protesting against a proposed single internet gateway that would monitor content. The main opposition seems to be slow connectivity, however, censorship is one other major and rather obvious concern that is being overshadowed by the potential impacts it could have to e-commerce.

To read about this story click here.

Huffington Post 2017, ‘ As Thailand restricts internet freedom, cyber activists work to keep an open web’, Huffington Post, viewed 06 August 2017




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