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In the news this week…

In the spirit of this week’s topic of copyright Lady Gaga was in the news this week as it was revealed that she was embroiled in a copyright battle after Jenifer Lopez recorded as song that was very similar to hers. Lady Gaga demanded that she be attributed as co-author of song as the producer ‘Redone’ co wrote songs with Lady Gaga and then worked with Jenifer Lopez. Lopez went on to record a song that bares striking resemblance to Gaga’s song Judas and Lady Gaga is/was worried about being called a copycat and wanted to be credit with copyrights.

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Adejobi, A 2017, ‘ Lady Gaga songwriting drama with Jenifer Lopez exposed in leaked text messages’ International Business Times,  viewed 11 August 2017,





Week 6- Copyright and Creative Commons

 Week 6- Copyright and the Creative Commons

Copyright laws serve a very important purpose in respecting and recognising the rights of the creator but at times can be restrictive for those who wish to use the work of the creator. Online technology has also made it even more important for the need for clarification and possible updates and increased protections in Copyright Law. Continue reading “Week 6- Copyright and Creative Commons”


This week’s topic is cyberpolitics and cyberactivism which have been facilitated by new technologies.  Political activism is not a new concept. There have been many public demonstrations and protests prior to new communication technologies that can be traced all the way back to the French revolution and more recently Tiananmen Square, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Arab Spring in 2011. However, activism need not be focused on politics; it can also be focused on social change or raise attention to economic or environmental issues (Sandoval- Almazan & Garcia 2014, p. 366). Continue reading “Cyberactivism”

Week 5- Social Media Usage and Privacy Concerns Survey

This week a survey was conducted and shared through personal social media accounts.

The participants were asked an assortment of questions regarding their social media usage, privacy concerns, what platforms they used and whether they receive their news coverage via these platforms. The results are still coming but the findings have been quite surprising and will be shared next week.

If you would like to participate there is still time.


In the news this week

This week it was revealed that the UK Government now have “weekend rehabs” for youth who are highly skilled but cause havoc online by hacking. The weekend camps are a way for the UK Government to intervene and encourage these youths to become ‘white hat’ hackers that work for the government instead of against it by giving them career advice to use their skills in a positive way.

To read more about this article by Nick Whigham click here.
Whigham, N 2017, ‘ I didn’t meant to do it: The UK hacker rehab program for teen offenders’, News Corp, viewed 29 July 2017